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Our tribal pieces don't come from factories. They come from tribes. Real people in far flung corners of the earth, joyfully knotting rugs, skillfully carving wood. These are people with faith and tradition and a sense of simplicity. When you lay your hands on any piece at Archeo you feel the echo of history. You share a moment with the creator of that piece. We invite you to bring that sense of honesty into your home.

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  • Another of the big home furnishings catalogs has started featuring ethnic art.  They're showing African "inspired" tables and Thai "style" throw pillows.  I'm glad!  Archeo collectors have been living this design genre for years!  And I get it.  These manufacturers need to produce pieces by the hundreds.  They're designing for the masses.
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archeoarcheoGabbeh Rugs
Made by the Quashqai nomads of Southwestern Iran.   
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“Village furniture” from the island of Java in Indonesia.  
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Luxurious Himalayan Cashmere scarves and throws.  
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archeoarcheoAfrican Art
Masks, artifacts and furniture from Africa.
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